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Cohasset's Center for Student Coastal Research (CSCR) inspires people of all ages to explore and engage in the scientific study of the local watershed and marine environment. They engage students in authentic research projects that serve the environmental research needs of municipalities in the greater Cohasset Harbor watershed.

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They challenge each student to rise to the level of a professional scientist who contributes meaningful data to community understanding of complex coastal issues and processes. The CSCR Staff further challenge each student to share findings with stakeholders, providing the context for authentic assessment and deeper learning. Through this process, students experience, understand, practice and strengthen the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that position them to be problem-solvers and leaders in the next generation of environmental stewards.

Brendan Burke, Student Researcher from Cohasset's Center for Student Coastal Research, describes new eelgrass growth from seedlings.

Reports and photos of this year's summer research projects will be available soon. These reports include 

  • Watershed & Water Quality

  • Marine Debris

  • Drifters for Monitoring Local and Ocean Currents,

  • Board of Health Bacteria Testing,

  • Eelgrass

  • Shellfish Surveys

  • GIS, and indendent studies on Ocean Acidification, Pollution in the Gulf River, and Phragmites Surveys.

  • Thieir middle school researchers in the Junior Research Program examined the resiliency of our barrier beach, and began cataloging local biodiversity.

CSCR will be hosting another State of the Harbor event during the Winter (date TBD) for students to authentically share their findings with the public. 

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