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The narrative for the Cohasset Real Estate Market needs to change. What agents and clients are talking about is sometimes contradictory to the facts. And as has been said, the facts are friendly. A common phrase that I hear from agents and clients alike is, “There is no inventory. There is nothing to buy.” The simple fact of the matter is that we have listed more homes in Cohasset this year than last year.

This lack of inventory is an excuse for agents to talk about because the volume of listings sold this year is down a bit. This is also an excuse because several price points can be very competitive. And this is why the amount of time a listing is on the market is also way down. Perhaps this is why the number of homes that have gone pending (a.k.a. have accepted an offer) has trended up the last few months.

Let’s talk price. The average price per square foot for new listings continues to drift higher. And this is very true at the upper end of the market. This segment is crowded with homes that are collecting days on market faster than the press can crank out stories. Properties that don’t get showings, are probably over-priced. It is just that simple.

Cohasset MA Market Report 9.20.18.JPG