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Cohasset Massachusetts is a historic former fishing village located on the shores of Massachusetts Bay approximately 20 miles south of Boston. The town was first discovered by Captain John Smith in 1614. It is a very scenic town with many great vistas across the water, often from high atop a granite outcropping. Perhaps that is why Cohasset derives its name from the Native American term, Conahasset, which means long, rocky place.

While the breathtaking the views that Cohasset provides are often one of the many reasons people find themselves there, water activities are still the main draw. Cohasset residents love their sea-faring heritage. Hence, time spent on the water is as coveted as it is plentiful. Living in a waterfront community is surely a blessing; the raw beauty of the surroundings is something many residents do not take for granted. But with it comes a responsibility to recognize that waters we cherish can be as dangerous as they are beautiful.
In Cohasset, MA, we are fortunate to have two wonderful youth sailing programs. One is community-based, while the other is offered via a private club, open to members only. Both programs are wildly popular and between the two, one can surely find a program that suits almost any need. At the core of the youth sailing programs is always water safety. Respect for the water and its inherent hazards in our community are perhaps the only things more appreciated than the water’s natural beauty itself.

"At the core of the youth sailing programs is always water safety."

The community-based program offered through The Cohasset Sailing Club is open to residents of Cohasset. The Cohasset Sailing Club was founded in 1960, “To educate and train the citizens of Cohasset and particularly the youth of Cohasset in seamanship and to develop them in qualities of self-reliance.” Sailors in the spring of their fourth grade can begin to learn seamanship, basic navigation, and boat handling skills. Sailors begin learning on Capri 14.2 sailboats with multiple sailors per boat. The eight-week programs continue each summer through early high school, allowing those sailors that continue in the program to compete in regattas all around Massachusetts Bay, from The North Shore to Cape Cod.

Another very popular youth sailing program is the program offered at the private, members only, Cohasset Yacht Club. The Cohasset Yacht Club is a club that seeks members who desire “To encourage yachting through the promotion of good fellowship among those interested in sailing, seamanship, and enjoyment of the ocean and its environment.” Founded in 1847, The Cohasset Yacht Club boasts some of its early commodores as Hugh Bancroft and Clarence Barron of The Wall Street Journal fame. The Cohasset Yacht Club hosts a very active sailing community whose members actively cruise both sailboats and powerboats. Sailboat racing is the core of a club that has active racing fleets in Herreshoff 12’s , The Cohasset J70 Fleet, and a fleet of International 210s. The International 210 was designed by the noted yacht designer, and one time Cohasset resident, C. Raymond Hunt. (Ray Hunt is most famous for pioneering the deep V powerboat hull, and the ever-popular 13.5 foot Boston Whaler.)

"It has been said, “There is no better place to be a kid, than in Cohasset.”

Regardless of the program, a child is enrolled in here in Cohasset, many of the children in town become proficient sailors with a deep knowledge, and appreciation, of the waters that make up their community. It has been said, “There is no better place to be a kid, than in Cohasset.”

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