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The Farm Stand at Holly Hill

The Farm Stand at Holly Hill

For those of you you that know me, I can be a bit of a foodie.  I love to cook.  And like any good cook will tell you, cooking with fresh ingredients is always the preferred way to begin one's food prep.  Since I am fortunate enough to live in my little seaside community, we have lots of fresh food items to begin with for your meal prep.  And while one would think of seafood, I also regularly find myself getting my fresh produce at Holly Hill Farm on Jerusalem Road.

Holly Hill has a first rate organic farm stand open several days a week offering the best in locally grown, or locally harvested produce.  I simply love to see what is fresh at Holly Hill and go from there.

The Farm consists of 140 acres that include 7 acres of open fields, 3 acres of growing fields, as well as historic buildings, greenhouses, and diversified natural areas. Our organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers are sold at our Farm Stand and at local Farmers Markets, as well as to select restaurants. Seedlings are sold at our annual plant sales.

This land has been farmed since the early 17th century when its salt marsh was a source of grazing and hay. Two post and beam barns dating back to 1785 and a classic pole beam barn built in the Civil War era stand as reminders of the past. In the 18th & early 19th century, it was a typical homestead. When farming declined in the East in the 1840’s, the property became a summer residence for Bostonians; farming was limited to orchards, garden plots, hay fields and pasture for a small herd of dairy cows. In the 1930’s & 40’s, it became the base for a substantial ‘truck’ farm of 100 acres most of which were off-site. After World War II the land was home to a sawmill operation.

The Farm has been in the White family for 7 generations. Richardson ‘Dick’ White and his wife Neely wanted to make sure this loved farmland would be protected from future development, so in 1980 they set up a conservation trust with the Trustees of Reservations on 120 acres of the property.

Today the Farm hosts school field trips, summer camp, a thriving teen community service program, participates in over 40 school farm gardens, holds workshops and events, and grows certified organic produce, herbs, and flowers.

However, Holly Hill is so much more than a 140 plus acre farm. It offers the following:

While I do really love the farm stand for its super fresh produce, I also love that it keeps 140 plus acres from development.  This keeps my small seaside former fishing village ready for a spur of the moment Normal Rockwell painting should you have your easel at the ready.

The more you get to know Holly Hill, the more you will appreciate it. 

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