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This Saturday, October 12th, 2018 Pilgrim Bank, one of our fine local banking institutions, will offer a free document shredding event. This is a great way to safely dispose of some of those sensitive documents that you have laying around the house.

Pilgrim Shred.jpg

As a real estate professional, I quite often find that sellers can resemble hoarders when it comes to parting ways with documents that contain sensitive information. And I don’t blame them. It would be very careless to simply drop old tax returns in the recycling bin at the recycling transfer facility (RTF). By the way, here in Cohasset, the common vernacular for the RTF is still, “The Dump”. Nonetheless, I digress into another topic for another day. After-all, who would willingly hand over their social security number, date of birth, income amounts and address(s)? Well if you simply pitch your old tax returns, then you have just done the above.

So join the good folks at Pilgrim Bank and thin out that pile of document storage files that seems to be growing ever larger! Do your best to reduce your risk of identity theft.

Here are 5 things you should consider shredding:

  1. Old Tax Returns

  2. Old Pay Stubs

  3. Old Photo ID’s

  4. Old Bank Statements

  5. Cancelled Checks

Here are ## reasons why you may wish to shred your documents.

  1. Avoid Identity theft.

  2. Stacks/files of paper are a fire hazard.

  3. It makes recycling easier

  4. Keep your private business private.

  5. Time, these large shredders are fast and efficient.

This shredding event is a free community event sponsored by Pilgrim Bank. Pilgrim Bank is a great local neighbor and a supporter of the Cohasset Education Foundation.