Ever seen a 3D Real Estate Tour that is VR compatible?

Bill Tierney
Published on January 30, 2017

Ever seen a 3D Real Estate Tour that is VR compatible?


In my decade plus years of marketing real estate I have seen real estate marketing evolve from a weekly MLS book of black and white photos, to the internet, to high resolution professional photography, and then video.  In the next year, or two, you will see a new medium evolve in real estate marketing, 3D Photography and Virtual Reality Tours (otherwise known as VR).  3D photography, and VR by extension, are next new thing in real estate marketing.  An example of 3D Photography is below.

To see the full listing description for 21 Evangeline Drive CLICK HERE.

While 3D Photography will never replace the actual showing, it will help to make showings more meaningful.  First, a 3D tour can eliminate some buyers desire from wishing to see a home and realizing that they don’t like certain features of the home.  And it will help to further the interest of a buyer who genuinely is interested in the home.  I have had showings where I did not know the the buyer had already previewed the the 3D Tour, but they make comments that they had seen certain features in the the 3D Tour.

Additional benefits of 3D Tours.

3D Tours make virtual showings a possibility.  The use of a 3D Tour can make it possible to show a home to an out of town buyer.  With this technology, I can send a link to a potential buyer, and literally walk them through the home, showing each feature as if I were actually in the home.  This can also be used for traveling spouses in cases where the property may not be available on the market before one party can get to see the property due to schedule conflicts. The 3D Tour technology also allows me to give tour control over to the buyer and then I get to see what they are viewing and what matters most to them.  This makes for a simple process that can help to expedite the sales process.

Look for Virtual Reality to become all the rage in real estate marketing.

In the coming years, Virtual Reality will become the next new hot medium in real estate marketing.  The technology behind 3D Tours, is the same technology behind Virtual Reality.  With the 3D photography now available, and the photography behind the the 3D Tour, Virtual Reality tours are just moments away.  The 3D tours that I offer all my clients can be viewed in Virtual Reality by simply placing your mobile phone in a Virtual Reality (VR) viewer.  This allows you to actually move about the home as if you were actually within the property.  No special links are needed.  This is an incredible new technology and is the future or real estate marketing.

Will 3D Tours and Virtual Reality come to the Hingham, Cohasset, and Scituate markets?

Quite simply, the answer is yes, it is already here.  I am the first, and possibly only, agent on the South Shore to offer a complementary 3D Tour that is VR compatible to all my listings, not just the high end listings. For 2017 I am now making  3D Tours available to all my listings, regardless of price point.  I have the 3D Tour technology, and now I can offer this each and every one of my listing clients.  I believe this to be a “game changer” technology, one that will get people excited to see your listing, and to talk about it.  It  will never replace the actual showing, but it surely will help with the sales process, speeding it up by showcasing your home.

If you are interested and a 3D Tour, or you would like a demonstration on how VR can be used to market your home, simply fill out the form to the right of this article.

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