As a REALTOR who works almost equally with both buyers and sellers, I know how important my relationship with with other agents.  I have worked with the difficult ones, and I know how heavy my phone can get when some names show up on the caller ID.  I also know how quickly I will answer other incoming calls from agents who have proven to be very cooperative.  Hence, your real estate agent’s reputation does matter. Your agent’s reputation does matter, both between you and your agent, and agent to agent.

Recently I was working with a buyer actively looking to relocate to the area.  This buyer as a fairly set criteria for the home they desired, and were very realistic about the home they wanted to purchase.  Only we started to search for their home in November.  And heading into the holidays is not exactly the time of year when new inventory hits the market.  So as a buyer’s agent, I had to get creative.

After touring all of the available homes for sale, we had found homes we liked, but not the location, or locations we liked, but not the home.  In the process I was sure to follow up with the various listing agents, offering prompt feedback about my buyer’s thoughts on their listings.  However by mid December we had seen all of the available inventory of homes for sale. And nothing was a proper fit for my buyers.   So I started to reach out to other agents searching for something that was not currently listed.  

With nearly a decade of real estate experience, I know most agent’s reputations.  I know who may have inventory coming, or may know of inventory.  Frankly, I share this sort of information quite frequently.  This is what helps me maintain my sterling reputation among other agents. And it was why I was able to source a property for my buyer.   I have a colleague in our Scituate office whose agent reputation is also stellar.  She had got wind that I had a buyer that may be a good fit for a listing she was readying for the market.   Because of my strong agent reputation, I was given advance notice about her listing and we had time to see the home before it hit the market.  And within two days of the home hitting the market, we had an accepted offer.

The seller of the home now under contract was able to get a strong price and a speedy sale because their list agent’s reputation was so strongly perceived by me.   I knew that agent trafficked in the price point of my buyer, and I know the agent played fairly.   That agent’s perception of my work lead that agent to reach out to me.  Your agent’s reputation does matter, it will help both buyers and sellers achieve their goals faster, easier, and with less drama. If we did not have a strong mutual opinion of each other, this buyer may still be looking.