Buy Now, Move Later

What is buy now, mover later?

buy now move laterToday’s topic real quickly is “buy now, move later”.  This fits into the realm of downsizing, or “right-sizing” as I call it.  It fits into the sort of February downsizing theme that we’ve been talking about a little bit lately.  But one of the things that I’ve had a little bit of success doing with other clients is to address that you’ve got the bigger house and you know you want to move. Yet you are not sure how you want to go about achieving that goal without a lot of disruption in your life.


So let’s isolate the smaller place, the “right-size” house. The home you will move to. We can use the equity in the bigger home (most likely the one you are in now) to purchase that right-size home. After which, this will give you the time to get that new address into the shape you desire so you don’t have to live through a renovation.  And then it also helps you figure out the things that are going to go to that address and what’s going to go away. This will address the clutter issue.

This is a part of the downsizing theme. Once you, locate and move to the new address, then we can get the current house to look in its best light. We can use staging and a good thin out along with decluttering and whatever we need to do to get that so it’s its best self in order to maximize value. It’s sort of buy first, move later, that kind of scenario.

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