A little about me

People who know me, know I love to cook. So, when I want the freshest produce, I don’t go to the produce aisle at the grocery store; I go to Holly Hill Farm here in Cohasset. When I need to meet someone for coffee, I don’t go to some large franchise, I go to Seabird Coffee & Co. When I need to serve a great dessert, I am not back to the grocery store, I head to French Memories. When you want a home on The South Shore, entrust your dream to me, Bill Tierney at Michelle Larnard Real Estate here in Cohasset. I have been a Cohasset resident since 1996. I put my children through The Public Cohasset schools. I serve on the boards of the Cohasset Education Foundation and The Cohasset Field Hockey Club. I have co-chaired the Junior Sailing program at the Cohasset Yacht Club. While I am not a native of Cohasset, I am very entrenched here. I can find you the right house, bank, builder, school, yoga studio, and yes, even the freshest organic ingredients for a good meal.