Hot Honey Butter Bath Corn

Bill Tierney Cohasset Ma Real Estate Hot Honey Butterbath Corn


Summer is upon us. Not that last weekend’s rain-filled weekend made one feel like it was summer. But with summer comes fresh veggies! So this will be the first of many posts that will mention The Cohasset Farmer’s Market as a palace to source your fresh produce. The other will be Holly Hill Farm.  I will be a regular at both until late this fall.

So, if we are talking about fresh produce, then the conversation must include corn. Summer barbeques go together with corn like beer and the beach, or ice cream and toppings. And if you know me, you know I love to make everything with a little bit of twist.  And the other day I found this great way to jazz up the corn from one of my favorite food blogs, The Kitchn.

So take a look at this simple way to really turn the corn you usually serve as a nondescript side, into a conversation item on the menu.

Bill Tierney Cohasset Ma Real Estate Butter Bath Corn

Click on the image for the recipe.

I think you’ll like this one. Easy to make in simple steps.

You can find this and a lot of my favorite things to make on my Facebook Group page, What To Cook Today.