South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market

Logo courtesy of The South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market. Click on the image for more information.

Anybody who knows me well knows that I love food. I love to cook, I love to entertain. For me, it is fun to fill my house with friends, and share a meal around a big table.   Lots of laughter, spirited debate and camaraderie typically follow.  The centerpiece of this Norman Rockwell picture is the food.  And I like food, all kinds of food. I like to prepare it, I like to eat it, I just like it!

The root of all good meals is its ingredients. The fresher the ingredients, the better the meal.  I did not make this up, this is an age-old adage. And if I am going to make you dinner, a good, satisfying meal, you can bet it is going to be made with the best, the freshest ingredients I can find. (Heck, they will cover up for my cooking inadequacies.)

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So while it is January and many of us are trying to eat better, and be better, where does one go to get good, fresh, organic foods?  One more responsible choice would be to attend The South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market which opens this Saturday and runs every Saturday through the first weekend in April.   Some of my favorite vendors will be there such as Holly Hill Farm, Stephanie’s Sour Dough, and Brown Boar Farm to name a few.  There will be dozens of other vendors present on the upcoming Saturdays where you can hand select good, fresh, organic, locally sourced foods to fulfill your healthy living New Year’s resolutions.

About The South Shore Winter Farmers And Artisans Market

“Promoting locally grown and crafted products with an emphasis on agriculture, conservation, organic and the arts with vendors through-out MA and New England states. Supporting small and micro businesses. Each product represented is exclusive. Farmers market with fresh market ideas and local foods.” – South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market

The Winter Farmers and Artisans Market will be held at 465 First Parish Road, Scituate, Massachusetts 02066.

I hope you come out to support the many local vendors while fulfilling your 2019 healthy eating resolutions.  See you there.