The Best Sushi Places On The South Shore

I will be candid. I love sushi. So writing a blog post about The Best Sushi Places on the South Shore is an easy, yet passionate, task for me to accomplish.

Well it is not exactly Tip Tuesday, and I’ve got to tell you, we’re going a little outside of the box here.  I am going to tell you where to get good sushi, because nobody loves raw fish more than me. And so we’re going to start with my new favorite place to get sushi, which is the Salt Society over in Scituate Harbor.

Fun fact, what many non-locals would call the village down along Scituate Harbor is known as “the harbor” locally.  I  always think of a harbor as a body of water, not as a village, but that’s the way they do it in Scituate. In the harbor means you are in the village, on the harbor means you are on the water. So, do we not try to understand this local quirk, we’re just going to laugh about it as local lore.

Salt Society

But Salt Society is there. It’s a great restaurant with a fun menu and they have a little sushi place in the corner with some awesome raw fish.

La Dalat

Followed by Salt Society is my former favorite place and a place that has some really good downtown quality sushi.  This place is called La Dalat and is located in Hull directly right on the Nantasket boardwalk. Second really only to the Salt Society because I like Salt Society better, but second to none for most purposes.

Feng Shui

And then we have Feng Shui here in Cohasset, no one really should be snubbing a nose at them. Also, really good raw fish if that’s your sort of thing, which it is mine. Feng Shui can do some really fun stuff with sushi rolls in very creative ways.

Two for Take Out

But you don’t always want to go out for sushi and sometimes you just want to get take-home food. We have two awesome places, both happen to be in Hingham. Fresh Market up in the shipyard has really good what I call deli sushi, the type of stuff you can take home. And the other place that has really good takeout sushi is the Hingham Fruit Center, which is sort of right there at the edge of Hingham Square.

So you’ve got five places to get some really good sushi, and that’s my tip for the day. Hope you like it. If you like my videos, follow me on YouTube, subscribe, or whatever, but please do it.

And make it a good week. Thanks for the read.