The Lifestyle Move

One question I get a lot is, “Bill, I’d move, I just don’t know where to go and I don’t really know what I want.” So I’m just going to talk about the lifestyle move.

You’ve had this great big house, you’ve put the kids through high school and you put them through college, and now you’re heating all this space and maintaining all this stuff, and there’s two of you in that big house.  And you’re not even here three months a year because you’re on the road here, there, and somewhere else.

So think of the lifestyle move. Maybe you’ve always wanted to live on the water. Get a condo on the water so that you just don’t need to deal with everything, or get a smaller house that’s a little easier, a little less to manage. Something where you can walk to the village and go get a cup of coffee, ice cream, have a beer and walk home on a nice summer night, so that’s what I call the W’s. Right. You want the water view, you want to be able to walk to the village, and most importantly, you want to be able to walk away. Because when you go to Florida and you’re missing the snow that we’re getting right now. So hee-ha, snow is not your problem.

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