Declutter, Storage, and The Estate Sale

Today we have a three-for-one special on downsizing tips.  Or just one general tip with three ideas baked into one. So without further ado, it’s called ‘Declutter, Storage and the Estate Sale.’

The Holy Trinity

Bill Tierney Cohasset Ma Declutter storage Estate SaleThese three concepts mesh together really well. When you’re getting your house ready for market, you simply have got to declutter. Every real estate agent talks about this concept. In an effort to be different, I’ll have some examples of that up on my TikTok as the month unfolds. This will show it to you in actual practice.  You will see, live, and in person, what can happen in a decluttering process.


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But then, when you’re decluttering,  you will have to decide on which of the things you might want to keep. And then you may what them at your next residence.  But there are those items you won’t need, but still cannot part with. Well, let’s put them in storage. Let’s get a storage unit and start getting stuff out of the house. Because it’s got to go eventually, why not do it now and make your house look a whole lot better? You can accomplish this by moving some stuff to a storage unit.

Storage Units

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And then there’s the whole concept of the estate sale. It’s about the stuff that’s great. And it’s valuable stuff. And I’m sure you love it, but it’s just you don’t have a use for it. So, do an estate sale. Locally we have a few good local people that do estate sales. t I’m sure they would love to help you out. I know they’re busy as can be, but you can get on their calendar, do an estate sale, and that really helps thin out a lot of what you have. The estate sale is a great way to help your useful items find a new home and a new life.

Have an Estate Sale

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So declutter, storage, and the estate sale. Three big tips for this week.

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