five phrases that need to go in real estate.

Today we’re going to go through the five phrases that need to go in real estate.

Every day as a real estate professional I look at the new listings that have come to the market in my focus towns. And I read these descriptions that my peers write. They all pen the same stuff over and over and over again. If this were higher education, one may say it borders on plagiarism.  And I say this tongue in cheek, and I challenge my peers to up their writing game a little bit.  Or,  or at least, find a different source of inspiration. Try using some different words and find some new adjectives.

So without further ado,  the five phrases that need to go in real estate for 2022 are as follows:

It’s a must-see home

The first phrase that’s got to go is, “It’s a must-see home.” Well, guess what people? There’s nothing on the market. Everything is a must-see because if you don’t see it, it’s going to be gone before you can think about it. (Oh, and do  note, how many people leave out the hyphen?)

Move-in condition

Following up on the one above is the second phrase. It is also in the M section of the alphabet, “Move-in condition.”

Yeah. Move-in condition because I want to live in a tenement. Don’t we all want to live in something that is habitable?  I’m only going to move into something that I can live in. And that does not make me wildly different from most people.

Much sought after

It’s a little redundant and silly. “Much sought after” is the next phrase that needs to go in real estate. I’m going to go back to what I said about “must-see”, much sought after is of course it’s sought after because there’s nothing for sale. Come on, let’s get real about this. There is very limited inventory on the market currently. So it is all “sought after.”

Backs up to open space

Moving on to our fourth phrase that needs to go in real estate is, “Backs up to open space.” Are we colonizing the moon now and the next place over is Mars? So it’s got some open space. This is one I found silly. What is open space? A golf course, a park, a land trust? This phrase is from my social media coach and guru, Katie Lance.


And then there’s just one word that’s just overused. The word is “gorgeous.” Well, no one’s going to write that the home is ugly. Yeah. The word is “gorgeous” and it has got to go. Gorgeous has just got to go. It is time for the real estate industry to find a new thesaurus.

And for being a good reader, here are a few other real estate phrases that need to go in 2022.


Ah yes, the word “Quintessential” and real estate. This one is really overused. Quintessential may just be the quintessential word that is overused. Let’s lose this one from the vernacular.


Striking is the cousin of Stunning. These words if fully thought through, do not conjure up a good visual. Do you really want your kitchen to feel like somebody striked you? This is kind of like the feeling of being hit with a stun gun, it is stunning. Okay, so I am being a bit literal here, but this one too is way overused.

Double Vanity

So the bathroom has a double vanity. Does this mean that the person becomes twice as vain? Or the bathroom is for those that are twice as vain? Here is a suggestion, how about twin sinks? This phrase comes to me from my colleague and broker Michelle Larnard.

Gleaming Hardwood Floors

Gleaming hardwood floors is another phrase that can conjure up the wrong visual. So when I walk into the room I will get blinded by the floors? Yeah, we all didn’t want to see that room anyway? Nothing like some floors that will take away your view of the rest of the room. This one is courtesy of my colleague Maryann Zaccardi.

Chef’s Kitchen

Anybody that knows me, knows I enjoy cooking. But to use the phrase “Chef’s Kitchen”? What did we boost a kitchen from Gordon Ramsey? Or is it a kitchen for only a chef? So when you purchase the home, then you need to go out and hire a chef? How about if you are not a really good cook? Is the kitchen not for you? So I am a good cook, but not a chef. So does this mean I am not qualified to use the kitchen?

So there you have it. You have my collection of phrases that need to go in real estate for 2022.

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