New and Notable in Scituate, MA

Anybody who knows me, knows that I can be a bit of a foodie.  So, naturally, I felt the need to highlight a few, new, or newer places in Scituate. In the coming weeks, I will cover some of the other towns around me as there are some great new places in Cohasset and Hingham to talk about. For now, we’ll focus on what is new and notable in Scituate, MA.

Crossroads Sandwiches


Located on the Driftway out by the rotary is a strong newcomer to the Scituate dining scene. Crossroads, which is no relationship to the infamous watering hole once located on Beacon Street in Boston’s Back Bay, can be found inside the new convivence/package store at the new Mobile gas station. All I can say is to be prepared to be surprised. I was greeted by a very friendly staff and made to feel both welcome and appreciated. While I found that to be refreshing, what was super special was the food. Sometimes you just what a good old deli-style sandwich, and Crossroads has them in abundance.  There is no shortage of traditional sandwiches, but alongside those sandwiches are some really good gourmet versions to satisfy any craving. Made with really fresh ingredients, this place may see me as a regular. This is a welcome addition to the Scituate lunch scene.

Chopsticks and Forks


Who doesn’t like Asian food?  It is one of the few ethnic foods that always has something for everyone.  While I would not say that this is a new restaurant since it has been open for close to a year now (or so it feels like that), but this is a place that is getting rave reviews from everyone who has gone there. The sushi will have to make it into the next edit of my prior blog post about the best places for sushi. But what will grab you is the authenticity of the food. This is not your NYC deli Asian food. This is good San Francisco quality Asian food. With a good diverse menu, there will be something for every appetite. And its location in The Harbor allows you to take a stroll around and enjoy Scituate’s bustling harborside village.

Vine Bar

So, what foodie doesn’t like some wine alongside a good meal? Well, Vine Bar is just that. This newcomer to the Scituate restaurant scene is a cousin of Cohasset’s Barrel & Vine wine shoppe up near Work Station. Run by an experienced sommelier you can experience some really great wines and sample some almost tapas-like foods. I was really surprised at how well received Vine Bar has been received. But it should not be a surprise. When you pair good food with good wine at a fair price, then you have a great recipe for success.  While the décor is a bit contemporary, it is an inviting place to pop into.  This is simply just a great addition to the Scituate restaurant scene. It is unique in a positive way and fills a niche that I never knew was void until the Vine Bar pointed out the need.

So, this is it for New and Notable in Scituate, MA when it comes to places to dine. Grab a sandwich at Crossroads (think about this place before you head to the beach), how about some pad Tai for takeout, or an intimate, yet simple, night out at Vine Bar? Scituate has a little some-something for everyone. Be sure to check back on the blog as we will have to review the renovations to The Galley, a Scituate staple.

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