The Best Real Estate Marketing

The best real estate marketing

The other day I went to my mailbox and fished out my mail for the day. Having recently moved to a new address I have this new infatuation about what sorts of solicitations arrive in my mailbox.  We get a slew of different pieces of direct mail.  Some are more targeted than others.  Some of my competitors mail me. Like I would list my home with them over myself? Confusing for sure. Is this the best real estate marketing available?

What is the best real estate marketing available?

Is the best real estate marketing available simply spraying postcards randomly around a neighborhood the best example of marketing? In a certain manner, direct mail is sort of so yesterday. Now direct mail that is hyper-focused and tied to AI, may be worth doing. But mailing to a list that you cannot take a few minutes to clear out your competitors? That is just lazy. It is almost an example of really poor marketing that says, “Hey, I just don’t care.”

But then I took a closer look at the messaging on the postcard. It stated on the postcard that the property it was promoting was sold with a special process. And there was a list of ways the home was promoted. I am sure to the non-educated consumer that this list looks impressive. But the funny thing is, the list contained what I would consider to be the general standard list of avenues any agent would employ to market a home. Many of the items happen automatically once your home is live in the MLS (Multiple Listing System) So my question is, is promoting the common really the best real estate marketing available?


Let’s talk about exposure. First I will say that a postcard direct mail campaign is a form of exposure that is worth pursuing. But only if the list is geared toward people who are going to be potential buyers or decision influencers. But print has its limitations. And to a certain degree, digital has its limitations. But digital can be so much more effective than a spray and pray campaign. And imagine if you were to link the two together?  Now you are talking about exposure and marketing.

Have you ever been on Amazon and looked at an item? And then that item follows you around the internet? Would it not be cool to have your home follow interested buyers around the internet? Would that not help to keep your home top of mind? This is a piece of the best real estate marketing available.

This is just one of the things that I do to help my clients to get their homes sold that are unique and not cookie cutter. If you want to list your home with an agent that cannot bother to clean up a spray and pray mailing list, then call the next number that comes on the next postcard.  But if you want an agent and a firm that will custom tailor a marketing plan that is as unique as your home is, then we should talk.

About Bill Tierney

When it comes to real estate marketing, I have extensive knowledge of SEO and SEM. (Do you know the difference?) I can then take that knowledge and link it to social media to create a bespoke marketing campaign tailored to your home.  Since no two homes are the same, no marketing plans should be either.

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