The Cohasset Historical Society’s Annual Clambake Fundraiser


Each year we are fortunate enough to be treated to some annual events in Cohasset that just should never go unnoticed. One of these events is the Cohasset Historical Society’s Annual Clambake Fundraiser. This rather social gathering is held each year at Cohasset’s Sandy Beach. so, who doesn’t love a good clambake on the beach? And this clambake supports a group that does so much to keep Cohasset the charming place that it is today.

Why attend the Cohasset Historical Society’s Annual Clambake Fundraiser?

cohasset historical society annual clambake fundraiserThe Cohasset Historical Society’s Annual Clambake Fundraiser is one of the Historical Society’s more social fundraisers. While this event does help raise funds to support the operating budget for the Historical Society, this event is also a great community gathering. The clambake helps bring different members of the community together to celebrate the many accomplishments of the Historical Society. Think of your donation as an investment in the future so that newer generations of Cohasset residents can learn about Cohasset’s rich history.

If you cannot make the annual clambake fundraiser, there are numerous ways to support the Cohasset Historical Society, CLICK HERE to learn more. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteers that offer their time and skills to make the Cohasset Historical Society the vibrant group that it is today.  Please consider supporting the Historial Society so that it can continue its great work for the community.

How does one get tickets to the clambake?

Join the Cohasset Historical Society for the return of their annual fundraiser! For the last two years, the Clambake had to be postponed due to the Covid Pandemic.

The Cohasset Historical Society Clambake will be held on Saturday, September 10 at 4 pm at Cohasset’s Sandy Beach on Atlantic Avenue. Relax on the beach and enjoy the sunset for a traditional New England Clambake with beer, wine, and live music.

Tickets must be purchased by September 1st!

Cohasset historical society annual clambake ticket order

Who is the Cohasset Historical Society?

“The Cohasset Historical Society was founded in 1928 to collect, preserve, exhibit, and educate the public about the history of Cohasset and the region.

the cohasset historical society's annual clambake fundraiserThe Society currently has over 26,000 accessioned items, including 4,000 historic textiles and clothing dating from the 1700s to the present day, and over 7,000 photographs from daguerreotypes to digital images and numerous memorabilia showcasing the town’s theatrical past. The Society cares for nineteenth-century furniture, decorative arts, and an extensive collection of paintings depicting the town’s landscapes, seascapes, people, and places. Also preserved are essential documents such as military service records, letters, and diaries.

In addition, the Society owns and cares for four historic buildings, three of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Each property is a unique museum depicting a different aspect of Cohasset’s past and hosts both temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Today, the Society offers opportunities for every interest, including research opportunities and events such as educational lectures, cocktail parties, clambakes, and house tours. The Society is rooted in the Cohasset community and relies on the community for support. Memberships with the Society allow us to continue our mission, and we welcome volunteers and your active participation.”

The above copy is courtesy of The Cohasset Historical Society.

(If you want to read a really good tale about a true New England Clambake, CLICK HERE  to read noted author Linda Greenlaw’s version. It is rather humorous.)

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