The Preferred Local Playgrounds

Bill Tierney Cohasset Ma Playgrounds

As any parent of little children knows, expending energy is usually a daily top priority.  So finding a great and safe locale to accomplish such a goal led me to create this list. So here you have my preferred local playgrounds list.  Here you have a variety of places to help get that youthful energy safely burnt off.

Community Center

Located in the heart of Cohasset Village is the South Shore Community Center. The SSCC has an awesome little people playground. But do note, this playground is only open to the public while the nursery school is out of session.  But with that said, the author recommends a stop at 5 South Main for a cup of coffee to be enjoyed while your little one(s) enjoy the community center playground. Then perhaps a trip over the pond on the common?

North Scituate

This playground may be better suited for older toddlers, but it sure looks like fun and a great place to expend energy. One fan of this playground told me, ” kids also love watching the train go by”. But do not fret, the train is a distance away, and this playground is fully fenced in. But boy does this playground have a little something for a variety of ages.

Purple Dinosaur

It may be impossible to miss at least one day here as a local parent. This author has logged many hours at the “Purple Dino”. A great fenced-in playground for little ones. Some areas of shade and plenty of benches to sit on. Said one parent, “Purple Dino is very much loved by toddlers in the area!”

Hingham Playground

Well, this is the gold standard of local playgrounds.  Hence it is one of the favorites on the preferred local playground list. It comes with a little something for all ages (all things relative).  It has a mock street modeled after Hingham Square and swings and slides for all ages. Twenty years ago the author helped build this playground.  Countless children have made their way around this park, and the community is all the better for it.

Cohasset Library

This is one of the better-kept secrets in the playground universe. Not exactly noticeable from the street, this one is fenced in and in a very manageable size. Also located near the library where one could make a morning of the location. Located just outside of Cohasset Village this is a treasure of a playground since it is not located near a school. This is one of the most convenient playgrounds on the preferred playground list.

Beechwood Ball Park

Beechwood is great because it’s fully gated and has a little kid section. Bring a ball to run around the basketball court, too! “That playground was a lifesaver when we had a newborn and 2-year-old twin!” said one parent.

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