Cohasset Weedfest 2023

Cohasset Weedfest 2023

Help birds, butterflies, and your VERY local environment!

Cohasset Weedfest 2023
Wild Cohasset needs volunteers to weed in their own neighborhoods (and on their own time) on April 22nd or anytime that week.

Who is Wild Cohasset?

Wild Cohasset helps to preserve native plants… and the wild creatures that rely on them to survive.  Learn more at

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How does WeedFest work?weedfest wildcohasset, garlic weed
  1. You tell Wild Cohasset where you live. They assign you a spot to weed Garlic Mustard near you OR you can meet them at a group weeding spot in Cohasset
  2. You weed for about an hour, discarding plants in a sealed plastic bag to prevent spreading. Every plant you pull this year prevents up to 3000 – 5000 next year.
  3. You tell them how many bags of Garlic Mustard you’ve pulled so they can keep track.
  4. You have done your part for Earth Day.
P.S. Teens can get community service hours! Great activity for families with even very young kids!
Never picked Garlic Mustard before?
Let Wild Cohasset show you exactly how to identify it and what to do.


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