Real Estate Divorce Specialist Communication Skills

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Let’s face it poor communication is the root of a lot of problems. Poor communication can make a bad situation worse.  Communication in real estate is no different from communication in divorce.  You will need a real estate divorce specialist whose communication skills are second to nobody.  Transparency and trust along with fair and equal representation will go a long way to making a real estate transaction occur in a divorce situation.

PhoneHow will you communicate with my spouse and me?

It is so important when you meet a realtor that you believe that the realtor is representing both of you fairly and there is a degree of transparency that you can trust. This will only occur if the following concepts are firmly in place:

Trust – I need to earn the trust of both spouses. Since we will all be working towards the same goal, we all need to be on the same page. And this means no sidebars and no taking sides for me with either party. Hence one rule I have when speaking with divorcing spouses, all communication goes to both spouses simultaneously. This helps maintain the needed level of trust required to get home to the closing table.

One At A Time – I can only speak with a couple one at a time. I rarely will have a conversation with one or the other as a sidebar, except when one party’s behavior is detrimental to the sale process of the home. I cannot maintain a healthy level of trust from both parties if I am perceived as favoring one or the other.

PhoneTransparency – Equal levels of communication allow for the best transparency in a real estate transaction.  As a real estate divorce specialist with strong communication skills, transparency creates trust. And trust makes for a smoother transaction. Hence the rule above, no sidebars.

Good, equal, fair, and transparent communication from your agent will make for a successful sale. My job as a real estate divorce specialist with strong communication skills combined with over a decade of experience can help reduce the stress of a sale and make getting to the closing table that much quicker.

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